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Zula: female name that means Brilliant, Ahead.

Zula & Co is about seeking the excitement of new adventures, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. After living in Kampala, Uganda for a year, Christine Bonneur, the founder, fell in love with the traditions, the landscapes, the music and the people. She knew that she wanted to create a company that reflected the spirit of travel and reflected the excitement and love she felt while traveling abroad.

In 2015 I lived in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. I gained a deep love and appreciation for the culture, wildlife, vibrant fabrics and especially the people! The creative spirit and energy in Uganda is irresistible.

I returned to the United States with the idea to design my own bags using leather and featuring Kitenge (African wax print fabrics). I wanted to start a business born from my love for travel and adventure.  Zula and Co. LLC was born!

I chose the name Zula to honor my grandmother, it was her first name.

My grandmother always supported and believed in me. Although she has passed away, her support still gives me confidence in all I hope to do.  I want to always move forward with her passion and empathy for people. The name Zula means “Brilliant, Ahead”. I want Zula and Co to embody that spirit and inspire joy to its customers and everyone involved in the process. I have big shoes to fill, but I’m excited to venture forward.

Designing bags that are functional, made with quality materials and showcasing colorful fabrics was the initial step. Then I began working with a Ugandan friend, Henry, to find a skilled manufacturer that could help execute my patterns and bring these bags to life. This is how we began working with Harriet Garimoi. 

Harriet is also an entrepreneur that has a similar vision of creating a thriving business that positively impacts her local community.  She creates jobs, trains her employees in skills that sustain families and pays fair wages.

Working with Harriet has been exciting! She has been able to expertly manufacture my patterns to every detail. The challenges of working together long distance, through covid, shut-downs, supply chain issues, shipping delays, and more, have been exhausting but completely worth it for the end results. Our perseverance has resulted in these beautiful bags, ready for every venture.

Zula and Co. LLC makes a conscious effort to work with skilled Ugandans at every step. For example, the tags with the logo sewn into the bags are made by Bernadette, a lovely Ugandan woman with a small embroidery and printing company. Zula and Co hired a local media production crew to take video and photographs of the manufacturing and materials. Zula and Co employs Henry, who takes care of inspections, shipping, travel, sourcing materials, and so much more. Zula and Co is dedicated to paying fair, above-local market wages to allow individuals and businesses to thrive, hire more of their own employees and lift communities.

I’m excited to continue growing my business and working with wonderful people in Uganda.

Thank you for joining in our adventure!

Zula & Co hopes that their bags will help you in whatever adventure you take, moving ahead with joy and brilliance!

Zula and Co